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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*br2cu.hShort vector name conversion unit
o*mcextreme.c<< MCX main program >>
o*mcx_const.hConstants assumed in MCX codes
o*mcx_core.cuGPU kernel for MC simulations and CUDA host code
o*mcx_core.hMCX GPU kernel header file
o*mcx_ieee754.hGNU random function header for Windows only
o*mcx_shapes.c3D shape parsing and rasterization unit
o*mcx_shapes.hMCX shape JSON parser header
o*mcx_utils.cMcconfiguration and command line option processing unit
o*mcx_utils.hMCX configuration header
o*mcxlab.cppMex function for MCXLAB
o*nifti1.hOfficial definition of the nifti1 header. Written by Bob Cox, SSCC, NIMH
o*tictoc.hCross-platform C and CUDA timing functions
\*xorshift128p_rand.cuA Random Number Generator based on the xorshift128+ algorithm