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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCdrand48_dataData structure for communication with thread safe versions
oCMMC_configThis structure defines the problem settings (domain, filenames, session)
oCMMC_float3Floating-point triplet {x,y,z}
oCMMC_float4Floating-point quadraplet {x,y,z,w}
oCMMC_historyFiler header data structure to .mch files to store detected photon data This header has a total of 256 bytes
oCMMC_int2Integer pair {ix,iy}
oCMMC_int3Integer triplet {ix,iy,iz}
oCMMC_int4Unsigned integer quadraplet {ix,iy,iz,iw}
oCMMC_mediumThis structure defines the optical properties for each medium
oCMMC_meshBasic FEM mesh data structrure
oCMMC_rayData structure associated with the current photon/ray
oCMMC_raytracerRay-tracer data structrure for pre-computed data
oCMMC_uint2Unsigned integer pair {ix,iy}
oCMMC_uint3Unsigned integer triplet {ix,iy,iz}
\CMMC_visitorA structure that accumulates the statistics about the simulation