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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*drand48_r_libgw32c.cPOSIX 48bit multi-threaded RNG for win32 port via LibGW32C
o*drand48_r_libgw32c.hWindows 32 port of drand48_r random number generator from libgw2c
o*fastmath.hA library for approximated math functions
o*logistic_rand.cA Random Number Generator based on coupled chaotic Logistic lattice
o*logistic_rand.hAn interface to use a coupled chaotic Logistic lattice RNG
o*mcx_utils.cMC simulation settings and command line option processing unit
o*mcx_utils.hDefinition of program options and problem domain configurations
o*mmc.c<< Main program of MMC >>
o*mmc_host.c<< Driver program of MMC >>
o*mmc_host.hDefinition of mmc high-level driver functions
o*mmclab.cppMex function for MMCLAB
o*posix_randr.cA POSIX Random Number Generator for multi-threaded applications
o*posix_randr.hAn interface to use a 48bit multi-threaded GNU RNG
o*rng_common.hRandom number generator (RNG) independent interface functions
o*sfmt_rand.hAn interface to use the SFMT-19937 random number generator
o*simpmesh.cBasic vector math and mesh operations
o*simpmesh.hDefinition of basic mesh data structures and inline vector operations
o*tettracing.cCore unit for mash-based photon transport using ray tracing algorithms
o*tettracing.hDefinition of the core ray-tracing functions
o*tictoc.cTiming functions for different platforms with libc, CUDA and OpenCL
o*tictoc.hInterface of the timing unit
\*vector_types.hDefinitions of the basic short vector data structures