If you use MCX/MMC/MCX-CL in your research, we appreciate if you can cite our relevant papers in your publications.




  • [Yan2019] Shijie Yan, Anh Phong Tran, Qianqian Fang*, “A dual-grid mesh-based Monte Carlo algorithm for efficient photon transport simulations in complex 3-D media,” J. of Biomedical Optics, 24(2), 020503 (2019).
  • Summary: Dual-grid MMC for faster and more accurate mesh-based simulations
  • Download:

General MC algorithm

  • [Yao2018] Ruoyang Yao, Xavier Intes, Qianqian Fang*, "A direct approach to compute Jacobians for diffuse optical tomography using perturbation Monte Carlo-based photon 'replay'," Biomed. Optics Express 9(10), 4588-4603, (2018)
  • Summary: Building Jacobians with replay in MCX/MMC
  • Download:

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