- A one-liner for high-quality brain mesh generation


1. Introduction
2. Software Download
3. Developmental Brain Atlas Mesh Library Download

1. Introduction

The Brain2Mesh toolbox provides a streamlined MATLAB/Octave function to convert a segmented MRI scan into a high-quality multi-layered tetrahedral brain/full head mesh.

The details of this work can be found in

The Brain2Mesh toolbox is extensively dependent on the Iso2Mesh toolbox ( with additional dependency on CGAL (, TetGen (, MATLAB Image-Processing toolbox (imfill, ordfilt2) and 3rd party open-source toolboxes: intriangulation.m (by Adam Aitkenhead and Johannes Korsawe).

2. Software Download

Please download the latest code from our Github repository.

If you use Fedora Linux (F29 or later), Brain2mesh is available as an official Fedora package named octave-brain2mesh. You may directly install it by using the below command

 sudo dnf install octave-brain2mesh

This will automatically install all dependent toolboxes, including octave, octave-image, octave-iso2mesh, octave-jsonlab, octave-zmat, octave-jnifti.

3. Developmental Brain Atlas Mesh Library Download

Please download the pre-generated brain atlas mesh library from our Github repository.

Currently, it contains the following meshes:

 ├── BrainWeb
 ├── Neurodevelopmental
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