MCX'18 Workshop Preparation Instructions - Method C

Method C: Run remote desktop on our Linux GPU server

If you can not make either Method A or Method B work for your computer, here is the fallback plan - you can remotely connect to our Linux server and use a pre-configured environment to participate our training. This is the approach we used in our MCX'17 Workshop, however, due to the limited network bandwidth provided by the hotel, we do not recommend all users to use this approach, because many remote desktop connections may cause slow speed. So, only use this method as the last resort.


The detailed setup instructions can be found in the first 5'37" of this video tutorial

The description of this method can be found in the Step 1 of this page

In short:

  1. download and install x2go - the remote desktop program for Linux
  2. connect to our server using the provided username/server name (sent in separate email)
  3. execute the mcxstudio command inside the remote desktop, and repeat the Steps 4 and 5 in Method A using the Linux mcxstudio on the remote server

again, you will be receiving a separate email on the username and server name to connect to our server.

If you have to use this approach, please let us know by posting on the #MCXOSA18 hashtag on Twitter, and also submit the below survey:

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